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AAT ICAS 2061 ✧ overview of ICAS conformance issues

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

this document describes an overview of guidelines for the use of AAT ICAS conformance resources. please see AAT ICAS 2050 and AAT ICAS 2060 for additional important information.


conformance with ICAS standards

ICAS standards incorporate a variety of quality-management features that can be used for purposes of conformance support. ICAS conformance resources can be applied as ICAS features to ensure conformance with an effective version of ICAS. yet developers and users should understand that the use of AAT ICAS conformance resources does not necessarily constitute conformance with an AAT ICAS standard. in addition, use of other resources may be used to support conformance to an AAT ICAS standard. the AAT ICAS conformance resources module is not a substitute for other applicable standards. standards related to matters of safety (for example, UL, CE, and so on.) or other critical issues must also be considered in developing or using ICAS methods or applications. standards for ICAS conformance resources are subject to change.


conformance of ICAS instruments

ICAS instruments such as calendars and clocks should conform with effective ICAS standards. developers and users should consider the development and use of strict implementations of AAT ICAS preferred formats and interfaces. issues of ICAS conformance are largely determined in terms of support for usable design. conforming instruments should moreover reference an effective version by some means, whether via the instrument or via designated documentation.

the ICAS department has determined that the production of software and hardware instruments that are suitable for use in conformance to ICAS standards is within the capabilities of modern development and design. the ICAS department has further determined that training for the practicable use of ICAS methods and applications may be practicably addressed. however the development of the emerging ICAS standards remains in process, and so ICAS developers and users should consider the continuing identification and development of particular best practices for particular uses of ICAS.

principles by which software may utilize ICAS or be coded for ICAS are outlined in the ICAS standards documents. additional principles or best practices for coding for ICAS may be determined by AAT or another organization or entity, as long as the methods or practices conform to ICAS standards. principles affecting any ICAS standard should be identified and submitted for consideration by AAT ICAS.


conditions for use of generic ICAS conformance logo—ICAS in use

ICAS licensees are granted limited permission to use the generic ICAS conformance logo, or alternatively the "ICAS in use" alt text, in accordance with AAT ICAS 2027, to indicate a claim of conformance to ICAS in use conformance subject to the following conditions:

ICAS licensees must agree to abide by ICAS terms of use described in AAT ICAS 9010. it is expected that use of ICAS conformance logos will be used in support of adherence to ICAS initiatives for the applicable use of uniform scales of date and time, and will be used in the spirit of the AAT mission. it is also recommended that licensees indicate an appropriate licensee metrication policy.

licensees must disclaim AAT and AAT ICAS of any responsibility or liability for licensee use of ICAS or ICAS conformance logos. licensees must not make any claims on behalf of AAT or AAT ICAS; however may reference the AAT ICAS web site at for purposes of reference to AAT ICAS or to AAT.

licensees are solely responsible for the licensee use of ICAS or ICAS conformance logos, and are moreover responsible for the accuracy of any claim of conformance.

Any claims of conformance designated by use of the generic ICAS in use logo must not conflict with the conditions for conformance with the ICAS in use level A or level B specifications.

Before using an ICAS conformance logo, AAT ICAS recommends that any licensee be familiar with standards documents for an effective version of ICAS. licensees should develop and use procedures to ensure that uses of ICAS conform with an effective version. licensees should also develop and use procedures to ensure that any licensee personnel are familiar with the use of ICAS conformance logos, and to ensure the accuracy of a claim of ICAS conformance. it is recommended that licensees sign up for an appropriate grade of ICAS licensing or for AAT membership.

By default the use of a conformance logo references a claim for a single instance of use such as a single web page or a single software interface. if a claim is meant to apply to more than one instance of use (such as a group of web site documents), then the logo must be accompanied by explicit information (or hyperlink to) describing the scope of the claim of conformance.

licensees may be subject to AAT ICAS licensing actions, and must agree to cooperate for purposes related to ensuring ICAS conformance. licensees must thus provide a means of contact if it becomes necessary for AAT ICAS to contact a licensee regarding an ICAS conformance issue. Contact information can be published on a licensee web page or other document relating to the scope of claim or can be registered with the AAT ICAS department per designated methods of contact. if contacted by AAT ICAS or an authorized designee, licensee should be prepared to respond to a notice of nonconformance associated with the use of ICAS conformance logos; by either correcting the nonconformance or by ceasing use of ICAS conformance logos.

licensees claiming the generic level of ICAS in use conformance must indicate adherence to all of the conditions for conformance by one of the following methods:

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