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AAT ICAS 2063 ✧ conformance level B

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

this document describes conditions and guidelines for claiming conformance to ICAS conformance level B standards. questions or comments relating to ICAS conformance level B may be addressed to or via other designated methods for contacting AAT ICAS.


conditions for use of conformance logo B—ICAS in use level B

ICAS licensees are granted limited permission to use ICAS conformance logo B, or alternatively the "ICAS in use level B" alt text, in accordance with AAT ICAS 2027, to indicate a claim of conformance to ICAS conformance level B subject to the following conditions:

claims of conformance with ICAS level B are also subject to the conditions specified for ICAS level A. ICAS licensees claiming conformance with ICAS level B must agree to abide by all of the terms for ICAS in use conformance described in AAT ICAS 2061 and 2062.

licensees claiming conformance with ICAS level B also agree to conform with W3C's Cascading Style Sheets specifications for preparing valid CSS.

Valid CSS!

licensees must understand that uses of CSS stylesheets are subject to rendering by user agents, and to the cascading of both author and any reader rules. licensees must thus agree not to rely on conformance with ICAS level B as a sole means of content presentation.

usage of the ICAS conformance level B logo is similar to that for conformance level A.

licensees claiming ICAS conformance level B must indicate adherence to all of the conditions for conformance by one of the following methods:


checkpoints for conformance level B

guideline 2063-01. information about use of level B standards. ICAS level B specifies methods for preparing style sheets for the presentation of scalar content for formatted display. an example of a formatted display is a time and date stamp for a document. Style rules are applied to elements identified by CSS selectors. ICAS level B specifies certain classes of reserved CSS selector names that possess a special meaning in the context of ICAS conformance. this checkpoint concerns the presentation of information about level B specifications so that ICAS users and other interested parties can make informed choices about the presentation or the browsing of ICAS level B formatted content. at a minimum, licensees claiming ICAS level B conformance must indicate adherence to level B by one of the methods described in the section above. licensees are moreover encouraged to indicate CSS validation and to provide a style legend reference for any ICAS level B styles used.

guideline 2063-02. use of level B reserved selectors. licensees can use the level B selector names for the proper representation of scalar content. selector name-forms that are designated as type-level or global may be used for style rules that are developed for formatted content corresponding to a selector name category. selectors designated as token-level or specific may be used for style rules that are developed for formatted content corresponding to a selector name-form for a unit. the meaning of selector name-forms should be interpreted in accordance with the AAT ICAS 3105 vocabulary (and other ICAS reference documents). however the selectors "ss-primary" and "ss-alt" have no normative meaning, and should thus be interpreted as being used in accordance with a licensee or user metrication policy.

guideline 2063-03. conventions for selector names. Level B selector names are designed to contain some meta-data about the type of content presented by a level B stylesheet. Level B selectors should be treated as case-sensitive. selector names not listed in the tables below would be named according to the same conventions as those listed: [style group]-[style descriptor]. Style descriptors for units use the symbol form for the unit. Style descriptors for categories use other practical terms. selector names are subject to further review and change. suggestions for specifying selector names that are not listed, or for coordinating the specification of selector names with other scalar systems, should be directed to AAT ICAS.

guideline 2063-04. licensee designation of style rules. the designation of style rules for particular level B selectors is a matter of licensee or user choice. ICAS licensees and other interested parties must understand that level B selector names are only reserved for use in the context of conformance with 'ICAS in use'. Level B selector names encompass a variety of categories from general to specific to accommodate a variety of design choices for the presentation of scalar content. licensees can consider the appropriate use of general selector categories for 'div' or 'table' elements, or the appropriate use of specific selector categories for 'p', 'td', or 'span' elements. please see Jakob Nielsen's Effective Use of Cascading Style Sheets (Alertbox 1997 July) for additional information. if additional general selector categories would be practicable for a presentation, licensees may also designate site-specific selector groups derived from level B selector naming conventions. for an example refer to the use of the 'ts-' group of 'table-style' selectors used for the web calendars.

guideline 2063-05. cascade of style rules. ICAS licensees and other interested parties should understand that the use of particular level B selectors in a conforming stylesheet can moreover render with very different effects in another conforming stylesheet. the use of level B selectors to highlight or to differentiate among different scalar systems might for some cascades have the effect of hiding certain elements. certain users with limited sight might designate a reader stylesheet that overrules a licensee stylesheet so that font size is rendered at a larger size or in a high-contrast color scheme. Speaking browsers might also reference a specific reader stylesheet. thus ICAS level B should not be relied upon to ensure or to enforce any particular style. ICAS licensees and other interested parties should understand that ICAS level B accommodations for the presentation of scalar content are subject to a continuing development of good or best practices for the communication of scalar-content. licensees may specify additional stylesheet guidelines (such as style legend information) for the licensee use of level B selectors for purposes related to metrication or the communication of metrication-related information.

guideline 2063-06. purpose of level B conformance. the usage of selector names should derive from conventions for the normative usage of scalar systems; however ICAS level B is designed as a resource for the design or presentation of scalar-content. uses of ICAS level B standards must not be represented as normative specifications of scalar systems.


level B selectors

the following CSS styles are designated for use with formatted displays of scalar content such as timestamps, prices, and so forth.


table 2063.1 ✧ scale style types

scale style global.sstype-level styles for formatting scalar content
primary scale styles for scales designated as primary
alternate scale styles for scales designated as alternative
customary scale styles for scales designated as customary
style for scale styles for scale or unit labels
style for date styles for formatting datetime stamps
style for time styles for formatting time stamps
style for datetime styles for formatting date stamps


table 2063.2 ✧ vocabulary style types

vocab style global.vocabtype-level styles for formatting of controlled vocabulary content
vocab style long form.vocab-longlong forms
vocab style short form.vocab-shortshort forms include symbols, abbreviations, initialisms, acronyms, and so forth.
vocab style symbol form.vocab-symsymbol is typically a special short form that is standard across a variety of languages


table 2063.3 ✧ style types for unitary content

units global.unitstype-level styles for formatting of unitary content
units group currency.units-curr
units group customary.units-cust
units group global.units-global
units group metric.units-metric
units group uniform.units-uniform


table 2063.4 ✧ style tokens for SI scalar content

SI group global.sitoken-level styles for formatting of SI scalar content
SI group base
SI group derived
SI group some other
SI group
SI group
SI group
SI group


table 2063.5 ✧ style tokens for ICAS scalar content

ICAS group global.icastoken-level styles for formatting of ICAS scalar content
ICAS group dial global.icas-dial-globalglobal dial formatting
ICAS group decitriad global.icas-decitriadglobal decitriad formatting
ICAS group decitriad-1st.icas-deci-tformatting for ordinal first decitriad
ICAS group decitriad-2nd.icas-deci-ttformatting for ordinal second decitriad
ICAS group IDC.icas-IDCIDC scale formatting
ICAS group day of year.icas-DoYDay of Year formatting
ICAS group NDN.icas-NDNNew Calendar Day Notation formatting
ICAS group NC.icas-NCNew Calendar scale formatting
ICAS group uniform yeargroup tenmillennium.icas-ten-kiumNew Calendar uniform tenmillennium yeargroup formatting
ICAS group UCN.icas-UCNUniform Calendar NC era formatting
ICAS group UCA.icas-UCAUniform Calendar alpha era formatting
ICAS group era.icas-e-eraglobal formatting for ICAS calendar eras
ICAS group zone.icas-z-zoneglobal formatting for ICAS time zones
ICAS group zodiac.icas-zodiac-globalICAS zoneZodiac formatting


table 2063.6 ✧ style tokens for customary scalar content

customary group global.custtoken-level styles for formatting of customary scalar content
customary group Fahrenheit scale.cust-FFahrenheit scale formatting
customary group Gregorian calendar.cust-GGregorian calendar formatting
customary group Julian Dating.cust-JDJulian Dating formatting
customary group Seconds Minutes Hours.cust-SMHsecond minute hour formatting


table 2063.7 ✧ style tokens for standard prefix schemes

prefix group global.prefixtoken-level styles for formatting of content in terms of standard prefix schemes
prefix group binary.prefix-binset of binary prefixes from IEC
prefix group coordinating.prefix-coordset of coordinating prefixes subject to further ICAS specification
prefix group decimal.prefix-decset of decimal prefixes from SI and ICAS


table 2063.8 ✧ style tokens for currency value content

currency group global.currtoken-level styles for formatting of prices or currency value content
currency group CAD.curr-CADCanadian Dollar formatting
currency group EUR.curr-EUREuro formatting
currency group JPY.curr-JPYJapanese Yen formatting
currency group UK.curr-UKUK Pound Sterling formatting
currency group USD.curr-USDUnited States Dollar formatting

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