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AAT ICAS 2110 ✧ analog interface specifications

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

overview of IDC analog interface specifications

this document describes AAT IDC analog interface specifications. developers and users should strongly consider the use of analog interface methods and applications that provide a strict implementation of the radialDAI (AAT ICAS 2120) interface specification.

the radialHubble (AAT ICAS 2140) and radialPercent (AAT ICAS 2130) interface specifications provide a strict implementation of radialDAI.

developers and users may also note that the clock units of the radialPercent dial (AAT ICAS 2130) feature integer values for quarter-phase dial indices (0, 25, 50, 75), facilitating practicable division of the major clock unit phase into practicable equal durations of time (main unit factors of 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, and 50).

because the specifications noted above provide a strict implementation of the radialDAI interface specification, no further efforts were made to reconcile the decimalization and indicialization of the radialXX (AAT ICAS 2150), radialXL (AAT ICAS 2160), and radialL (AAT ICAS 2170) interface specifications. the development or use of methods and applications for these dials is generally discouraged.

please see the radialSMH (AAT ICAS 2190) analog interface specifications for information about ICAS support for the traditional SMH dial.

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