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AAT ICAS 3130 ✧ mainChron term set

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

this document designates the AAT ICAS mainChron term set. AAT ICAS Inter-Dial Clock (IDC) chron-unit derived terms and notation are appropriate for fixed implementations of IDC main unit. special note: IDC prefixes are derived from two schemes each possessing certain schematic usage conventions: metric prefixes (SI prefixes) and the derived clock unit prefixes (tiko and toko). please see AAT ICAS 2023 for additional information.

table 3130.1 ✧ aaticas namespace of mainChron

aaticas namespaceelement set
<aaticas:developer>AAT ICAS
<aaticas:metaCat>IDC unit set

table 3130.2 ✧ AAT ICAS mainChron term set

metaNamemetaTagsayNamesayTagsayAlt, sayNotetrad
metaNamemetaTagsayNamesayTagsayAlt, sayNotetrad
mainIDCmainchronXn1 day
decichrondXndecichrondXnAlt: t1002 hours 24 minutes
centichroncXncentichroncXnAlt: t01014 minutes 24 seconds
millichronmXnmillichronmXnAlt: t0011 minute 26.4 seconds
tokochrontoXntokochrontoXnNote: 'toko' is a derived clock unit prefix8.64 seconds
tikochrontiXntikochrontiXnNote: 'tiko' is a derived clock unit prefix0.864 seconds
microchronμXnmicrochronμXnAlt: tt0010.0864 seconds
nanochronnXnnanochronnXnAlt: ttt0018.64 x 10-5 seconds
picochronpXnpicochronpXnAlt: 1.0 x 10-12 chron8.64 x 10-8 seconds
femtochronfXnfemtochronfXnAlt: 1.0 x 10-15 chron8.64 x 10-11 seconds
attochronaXnattochronaXnAlt:1.0 x 10-18 chron8.64 x 10-14 seconds
zeptochronzXnzeptochronzXnAlt: 1.0 x 10-21 chron8.64 x 10-17 seconds
yoctochronyXnyoctochronyXnAlt: 1.0 x 10-24 chron8.64 x 10-20 seconds
mainIDCmainchronXn1 day
decachrondaXndecachrondaXn10 days
hectochronhXnhectochronhXn100 days
kilochronkXnkilochronkXn1000 days
megachronMXnmegachronMXn1 000 000 days
gigachronGXngigachronGXn1 000 000 000 days
terachronTXnterachronTXn1.0 x 1012 days
petachronPXnpetachronPXn1.0 x 1015 days
exachronEXnexachronEXn1.0 x 1018 days
zettachronZXnzettachronZXn1.0 x 1021 days
yottachronYXnyottachronYXn1.0 x 1024 days

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system identifiersdatetime
Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12019 S19 Yellow
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t339 tt050
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day139
Gregorian calendarGG2019 May 19 Sunday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT08:08:14
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