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AAT ICAS 9020 ✧ administrative objectives

document note: this document is part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at for important information about ICAS.

ICAS administrative objectives

to promote principles of usable design to emerging ICAS standards, methods, and applications in the course of initiatives for user-centered design.

to advance a state of the art by developing a quality system for the applicable measurement of time that is based on uniformity of measure and support for a broad range of uses.

to review the development of emerging ICAS standards for purposes of coordination with other related standards, practices, and developments.

to consider prior organizational use and preferences in the course of metrication initiatives as secondary to principles of usable design in the development of emerging ICAS standards.

to provide clear and objective information about ICAS standards so that users and other parties can make informed decisions about the use of ICAS measures.

to promote scientific methods of chronological measurement with a sensitivity to civil, religious, and commercial uses of calendaring and timekeeping.

to respect the use of customary scales of measure in promoting support for metrication.

to develop standards that are localization-independent yet localizable for particular uses.

to develop standards that are independent of particular time and date formats yet are date- and time-formattable for particular uses.

to administer a comprehensive system of licensing and development to facilitate public and private use of ICAS.

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