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ICAS version declaration notes

ICAS Basilicum replaces the ICAS Agave set of documents. all registered and non-registered users or developers of AAT ICAS must update to an effective version of ICAS. pre-existing references to AAT ICAS Agave documents are subject to the ICAS Basilicum standards.

the most recent date of version activity is:

AAT ICAS version 8.02 Basilicum as of UCN 12019 U08 White

AAT ICAS version 8.02

AAT ICAS version 8.02 was issued effective as an informative working draft on UCN 12019 U08 White. the AAT ICAS 3110 decadeInsect term set document was updated to specify the forthcoming Echinopla ant decade beginning UCA 2020, and the Frontalis firefly decade beginning UCA 2030. the AAT ICAS 3127 eclipticUniform term set document was revised to specify adjectival forms when referring to nodes on the Earth ecliptic.

interested parties should reference the web site documents for effective standards documents. AAT ICAS has determined that claims of acceptance described in AAT ICAS 9050 remain unchanged. details of revision are available upon request to AAT ICAS.

prior versions

top document updated:

system identifiersdatetime
Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12019 U08 White
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t937 tt962
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day188
Gregorian calendarGG2019 July 07 Sunday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT23:30:40
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