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AAT ICAS code library



developers and users can use the resources in the AAT ICAS code library at no charge subject to 'ICAS now' open source terms of use. please however consider helping to support initiatives to develop AAT ICAS standards by registering a paid developer license or by making a shareware donation.

ICAS now

AAT ICAS code resources may offer more advantages as metadata, and automation can help to simplify repetitive or tedious tasks, however be careful to use 'ICAS now' correctly and appropriately.

some setup may be required to use these code resources.


ICAS_now software update!

clipboardICAS generates a date and time stamp selected by the user. foldatimeICAS generates a folder and file named with designated identifier, date, and time strings.

use clipboardICAS and foldatimeICAS to organize workflows with ICAS (Integrated Chronological Applications System) formats for expressing dates and times. ICAS formatted expressions can be sorted once for both alphabetical and chronological order without additional data coordination. ICAS formatted expressions can also be readily truncated and expanded for designated formats.


download ICAS software

to obtain the applications (and the open-source scripts), download the ICAS_now software kit.

ICAS_now_c8H22.dmgclipboardICAS 1.09, foldatimeICAS 1.06, more.disc image (Mac OS X, 2.6 MB;
2.57 MiB ≈ 2699482 B)
ICAS_now_c8E19.dmgfoldatimeICAS 1.05, and earlier are now deprecated.disc image (Mac OS X, 2.56 MB)
ICAS_now_c8D30.dmgclipboardICAS 1.08, foldatimeICAS 1.04, and earlier are now deprecated.disc image (Mac OS X, 1.9 MB)
ICAS_now_c8D27.dmgclipboardICAS 1.07, foldatimeICAS 1.03, and earlier are now deprecated.disc image (Mac OS X, 1.9 MB)
ICAS_now_c8D01.dmgclipboardICAS 1.06, foldatimeICAS 1.02, and earlier are now deprecated.disc image (Mac OS X, 2.2 MB)

there is no automated installer for clipboardICAS or foldatimeICAS, so users should read the documentation (clipboardICAS, foldatimeICAS) before installation. there is also no automated options chooser.




code resources

some features of AAT ICAS code resources, although practicable for certain uses, are not necessarily suitable for any specific application. this code library is subject to updates, reorganizations, and deprecations. users should note that software resources have not been fully tested.


third-party scripting addition

the applications call on a function included in the Satimage.osax scripting addition developed by Satimage-software. the scripting addition is bundled subject to Satimage-software's licensing terms for free software.

to manually install the scripting addition, move Satimage.osax to the my_computer/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder. an automated installer for the scripting addition can also be obtained from third-party developer Satimage.

if the applications are launched without the Satimage scripting addition, decimal time values may display as '?' question mark characters rather than as numeric values. there is no other alert, and launching the applications without the scripting addition has no effect on the display of calendar values.



there is no automated installer for clipboardICAS or foldatimeICAS, so users should read the documentation (clipboardICAS, foldatimeICAS) before installation. there is also no automated options chooser.

to install a foldatimeICAS or a clipboardICAS application on your computer, copy the application to the "Applications" folder (or to any desired location).

to install the options files, please refer to the configuring options document for detailed information.

the script or code for the applications (files with a 'scpt' extension) is also provided for advanced users or developers who would like to customize their own applications using 'ICAS now' code. use or modification of these open source resources are subject to 'ICAS now' terms of use. developer resources for Mac OS X can be obtained from Apple Developers Connection.


deprecation of prior versions

the 'options parsers' and 'informatics' engines for both clipboardICAS 1.09 and foldatimeICAS 1.05 (build c8E19) have replaced the previous versions of AAT ICAS open-source software. the decimal clock times are now written with a 2nd decitriad to the microchron (for example, tTTT ttTTT). earlier versions of clipboardICAS were written with only a 1st decitriad to the millichron (for example, tTTT).

the open-source script for the 'informatics' module was moreover substantially revised. many variables that included the term 'proper' in the variable name were renamed with the term 'form'. as a result, previous versions of the scripts are now deprecated. thus developers are cautioned against mixing previous (and now deprecated) versions of the scripts with the current version. developers are thus advised to note the deprecated status of previous versions of the 'options parsers' and 'informatics' modules.



please also refer to other programmer or developer troubleshooting or debugging resources.


2006December31 is not a valid date bug (Mac OS AppleScript)

for informative purposes, because clipboardICAS 1.04 fixed this bug : if a script throws an error because 2006December31 is not recognized as a valid date, then check that

System Preferences/International/formats

are configured for interchange as yyyy month dd.

if the error recurs, then try saving the script, quitting Script Editor, and then re-opening the script. the script should now run if all of the extra line breaks have been cleaned up.


Syntax Error: Expected expression but found end of line (Mac OS AppleScript)

use the Apple Script Editor compiler to find extra line breaks. replace unwanted line breaks with a space character.

top document updated:

system identifiersdatetime
Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12011 P09 Violet
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t408 tt900
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day039
Gregorian calendarGG2011 February 08 Tuesday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT09:48:49
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