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methods of payment to AAT at


price list pricing is based on US Dollar prices for publications and fees.


online payments

please see the recent donation page from 2018


payments via post

AAT is not soliciting check or money order payments via post.

please specify reason for payment. for shipments don't forget to provide a shipping address.


normal processing time

payments are subject to acceptance by AAT per normal processing time. payments submitted via online credit card payment will be credited as of the date the payment is accepted (the date that the transaction is billed). payments submitted via post will be credited as of the day that they are postmarked, further subject to payment clearance.


AAT policies for fiscal operations

all payments are subject to and used in accordance with AAT operational directives and policies for fiscal operations.

AAT operational directives

Alliance for the Advancement of Technology designates the AAT mission and Charter, AAT privacy policy, aatideas code of e quality, and 'ICAS in use' policies as operational directives for purposes of conducting aatideas program operations.

fiscal operations are are processed in accordance with AAT operational objectives. AAT uses established accounting principles and methods of fiscal management to ensure integrity of financial operation. AAT has operated without any 'self-dealing' transactions or any arrangements that pose a conflict of interest.

how program funds are used

program funds are used in accordance with AAT operational directives.

program funds help provide bandwidth for quality web programming, and also help pay approved administrative expenses. program funds have not been used for additional fundraising expenses.

AAT fiscal operations are moreover structured to operate subject to qualified independent review, in accordance with AAT P9001 fiscal objectives:


other information

methods of payment are subject to change.

AAT has never authorized any third parties to act on behalf of AAT to create or to sell any membership offers, including online auctions. product offers are only official and or authorized by AAT if they are linked from the web site.

those interested in joining or conducting business with AAT should be able to adhere to the operational mandates described in the operational directives above.

please refer to the AAT programs reports for additional information about AAT programs.

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