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Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT) provides access to this domain web site subject to terms of use referenced in this document. other AAT programs and operations are also subject to these terms of use. AAT reserves all rights, including rights to modify terms of use.

any material provided by Alliance for the Advancement of Technology and the web site is provided on an 'as is' basis. Alliance for the Advancement of Technology makes no warranties of any kind (the code of e quality notwithstanding), either expressed or implied as to any matter including, but not limited to, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability, exclusivity, or results obtained from use of the material. Alliance for the Advancement of Technology does not make any warranty of any kind with respect to freedom from patent, trademark, or copyright infringement.

AAT sometimes makes an announcement on a designated discussion or page hosted by a third-party network without necessarily reposting to other discussions or pages.


privacy and use of information

AAT takes matters of privacy seriously, and designates the privacy policy as an operational directive for all AAT operations. the terms of this policy specifically apply to AAT web site administration, payment processing, and other member or program operations.


abuse policy

the domain web site is operated with a strong commitment for web and e mail quality, and with a concern for issues of cybersecurity or network abuse. AAT cooperates with network security and law enforcement investigations, and encourages network users to report suspicious activity.

AAT designates the code of e quality as an operational directive for all AAT operations. the privacy policy notwithstanding, incidents of network abuse are subject to discretionary forwarding to network security departments or law enforcement personnel. unauthorized access to, distribution of, possession of, or tampering with any AAT resource or material—including passwords, user accounts, or source documents, regardless of the media, system, or methods used—is prohibited.

AAT reserves rights to moderate participation in the discussions, groups, or pages hosted by third-party networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or YahooGroups. moderation might include removing content, muting, or blocking posted content.

AAT does not send, and will not open, messages with unsolicited file attachments. AAT reserves rights to conduct business only with parties that adhere to anti-abuse policies.


trademark information

Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT), aatideas,, code of e quality, aatideas in Brief, explore progress, Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS), AAT ICAS, Itinica, AAT ICAS Agave, AAT ICAS Basilicum, Uniform Calendar (UC), Inter-Dial Clock (IDC) system, New Calendar (NC), t10 system (t10), AAT ICAS in Brief, AAT Ideas, and art for awareness of technology; are trademarks of Alliance for the Advancement of Technology. all other trademarks or registered trademarks referenced on are the property of their respective owners. Acrobat Reader is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. AppleScript, Mac, and Macintosh computer are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Google, Google+, and Google search are registered trademarks of Google LLC. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. LinkedIn is a trademark of LinkedIn Corporation. MSN and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. PayPal is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc. Twitter is a trademark of Twitter, Inc. Yahoo! is a registered trademark of Oath Hopldings Inc. W3C is a service mark of the W3 Consortium. International System of Units (SI) is a service mark of Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM). ISO is a service mark of the International Organization for Standardization.


use of ICAS

Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS) is licensed by Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT), and is subject to terms of use described in AAT ICAS standards documents accessible from '' via Internet. the New Calendar (NC), Uniform Calendar (UC), and Inter-Dial Clock (IDC) systems are part of the Integrated Chronological Applications System (ICAS). AAT provides ICAS standards documents subject to terms of use described in document AAT ICAS 9010. please refer to other key AAT ICAS standards documents accessible via the AAT ICAS web site at '' for important information about ICAS. AAT has made efforts to ensure the quality of ICAS resources, however is not responsible for errors. AAT program implementations of ICAS including web-based implementations of AppleScript, ECMAScript (Javascript), and Java™ are not designed for fault tolerance nor are intended for use in high-risk situations calling for fault-tolerant software/hardware systems. certain documents may reference prior versions of ICAS date or time scales that are not supported by a current effective version of AAT ICAS. any features of prior ICAS versions that are not supported by the effective version are deprecated. questions may be directed to the webmaster.


information guidelines for media

AAT appreciates media concerns about news and scheduling, and has designated the following procedures for media requests.

program materials posted on the domain web site may be considered to be public program information. domain web site documents offer continuous availability. web site documents are however subject to updates without notice.

AAT personnel are not authorized to speak on behalf of or for AAT or programming without prior clearance from an AAT communications director or other director-level designee (presently Ronald L Stone). media requests for information about AAT or should be directed to an AAT communications director for clearance. requests may be made via post or e mail correspondence per the contact AAT methods in effect. clearance for staff or volunteers to speak for AAT may be provided for particular cases.

a request for program information or a request for any commentary should include sufficient information so AAT can respond appropriately to the request. please describe any parties to the request, whether any parties to the request are nonprofit organizations, a general description of any topics or matters to be addressed, any means of contact (must include postal address or phone number), any schedule, any means by which topics or matters may be addressed, and any use of information or discussion. requests concerning any matter concerning ICAS or metrication should also describe any particular policy of metrication to be used in developing media material about AAT or programs.

any requests for program information or commentary will be acknowledged and are subject to normal processing time. media requests are moreover subject to program demands. any violation of these guidelines may result in the loss of certain privileges.


referencing AAT and

the domain web site is the AAT-authorized Internet web site domain for Alliance for the Advancement of Technology (AAT). 

the use of links to documents among other web sites is generally encouraged as a matter of policy in accordance with AAT's educational mission. however linked content must not be represented as an endorsement by AAT. webmasters must also agree that AAT is not responsible for the content on other web sites.

the use of any language in a link implying authorization for the link requires, at a minimum, a message to AAT describing the web page and link. in addition, some links, like the "ICAS in use" logo or other similar links, may also call for adherence to certain ICAS guidelines. please also see AAT ICAS 9059 for information about the reference of particular ICAS standards.

requests for link exchanges will be considered in relation to programming objectives, and will be processed subject to editorial discretion and conformance with the AAT mission and charter.

some possible higher-level URLs and link NAMES include the following:

the use of language for describing a link might require approval or permission depending on the particular web page link. it is however probably permissible to reference certain brief instances of material verbatim, such as the AAT mission or the ICAS general description.

AAT programs are developed in English by AAT in accordance with AAT ICAS 3005 note on language support. additional language support including support for other languages depends on membership demand and interest. AAT however is tracking demand for additional language support. to list or reference documents in languages other than English (or for other localizations of English or other languages), AAT requests notation of the AAT site language (English per localization AAT ICAS 3005) in the listing or reference, and also appreciates an e mail description of the language or localization used in a particular listing or reference.



this web site is subject to updates. please check back at a later time if any pages are unavailable. users should be aware that when accessing cached versions of web site documents from search engines, that current versions should be accessed directly from the web site. as lower-level documents are subject to change or removal, interested parties may wish to reference links to appropriate higher-level documents on the web site, especially for purposes related to ICAS licensing.

unless content is clearly presented as sponsored content, it is provided by AAT without promotional considerations. a reference to or description of products or companies on this web site, including any web links or distribution of submitted material, does not imply an endorsement by AAT. AAT reserves rights to remove links or content from the web site.

any questions about terms of use in effect for may be directed to the AAT webmaster.

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