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solar system quick facts by metric scalemodes

The following datasheets, compiled and presented by AAT with information from recent science resources, can be downloaded at no charge.

Each scalemode references metric units; however measures of time and angle are scaled in terms of different dials. scalemode-SI scales time by the second and angular measure by the degree. scalemode-SI-UT1 scales time by both the second and its day-multiple-equivalent, with angular measure also scaled by the degree. scalemode-SI-ICAS scales time by a day-multiple-equivalent for which a decimal submultiple that is exactly 0.864 s is designated, and for which angular measure is scaled rather by the grad.

mean orbit velocitym/sm/sm ⋅ so
orbital inclination to eclipticDEGDEGGRAD
equatorial inclination to orbitDEGDEGGRAD
equatorial surface gravitym/s2m/s2m ⋅ so2
escape velocitym/sm/sm ⋅ so
sidereal orbit periodsUT1 (Xn)Xn (UT1)
sidereal rotation periodsUT1 (Xn)Xn (UT1)
various length, mass, and temperaturekm, kg, C (K)km, kg, C (K)km, kg, C (K)


In each scalemode, measures for objects in the solar system are compared to measures for the planet Earth. The comparison unit for each feature is thus the known magnitude of that feature for the planet Earth. As such the measures of Earth-comparison are the same for each scalemode.

solar system quick facts: scalemode-SI

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solar system quick facts: scalemode-SI-UT1

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solar system quick facts: scalemode-SI-ICAS

3 pages, formatted for A4 letter.
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space on the web

here are some convenient links to certain initiatives related to developments in technology that have been identified by AAT. other web sites referenced are maintained by other particular organizations or individuals, and a link does not necessarily indicate an AAT affiliation or endorsement. if a link changes or becomes outdated, then we would be grateful if you would let us know.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific (as of d8B02 Violet)

Astronomy picture of the day (as of d8B02 Violet) - Publications - Council of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) (as of d8B02 Violet)

European Southern Obervatory (ESO) (as of d8B02 Violet)

European Space Agency (ESA) (as of d8B02 Violet)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Solar System (as of d8B02 Violet)

International Astronomical Union, Union Astronomique Internationale (as of d8B02 Violet)

International Space Station (as of d8B02 Violet)

modified julian date, USNO (as of d8B02 Violet)

Watch the Skies! All Sky Camera Network, NASA (as of d8B02 Violet)

Solar System Exploration, NASA Science (as of d8B02 Violet)

The Mars Generation (as of d8F11 Green)

The Planetary Society (as of d8B02 Violet)

systems of time, USNO (as of d8B02 Violet)

Time Scales by S Allen (as of d8B02 Violet)

University of Massachusetts sky survey (as of d8B02 Violet)

Wikipedia: Solar System (as of d8B02 Violet)

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Uniform CalendarUCUCN 12018 F11 Green
Inter-Dial ClockIDCzone(UT)t797 tt870
'ICAS in use' can accommodate calendar and clock formatting 'for all people, for all time'.
day of yearD-o-YAD common year day161
Gregorian calendarGG2018 June 10 Sunday
seconds, minutes, hoursSMHUT19:08:56
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