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Take a moment or two to reflect on a brief yet broad history of technology—a history that includes mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological, and informational areas of development. Technologies have developed and emerged from many cultures, individuals, and organizations. Yet issues concerning the use and development of technologies introduce challenges and effects that become fundamental to a quality of life in a global community.

To facilitate a convenient overview of the dates throughout the historic eras, the technology timeline is presented in terms of the New Calendar (NC) scale. NC 12000 corresponds to AD 2000. BC-era dates in the timeline are generally converted to NC dates by subtracting from 10 001. NC dating is used in conformance with 'ICAS in use' terms of use. For additional information about New Calendar dating, readers may reference the ICAS standards. Browse AAT's retrospect program for information about the historical occasion. See the timeline compilation notes for additional bibliographical information. To construct your own timeline to metric specifications, browse the aatideas metric timeline charts.

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browser note: Timeline may render differently on different browsers. If navigation links do not function on your browser, then try re-sizing the browser window or using the scroll bars. To reduce some user scrolling, try reducing the browser type size, or even turning off css style sheet rendering. For a display that is larger than a computer screen, set up your own timeline to metric specifications with a printed display of the AAT technology timeline pdf file accessible via the aatideas metric resources page.

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