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technology timeline NC 11500 to 11799


NC 11500

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mechanical clocks appear in Europe.

Georg Bauer in Germany writes De re metallica, a mining handbook.

compound microscope developed in Holland.


NC 11600

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wooden rails set.

telescope used in Holland.

first navigable submarine built.

Blaise Pascal in France builds first adding machine.

Evangelista Torricelli in Italy develops first barometer.

Christian Huygens in Netherlands develops pendulum clock.

a planetarium nearly 6 m in diameter, is constructed of iron at Jena in Germany.

Globe of Gottorf, a planetarium more than 3 m in diameter, is created by Adam Olearius in Germany.

John Wilkins in England develops a precursor of the modern system of metric units.

Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz in Germany builds calculating machine.


NC 11700

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Fahrenheit thermometer developed.

atmospheric steam engine built in Staffordshire.

Jacques de Vaucanson in France develops first metal slide lathe.

Benjamim Franklin in Pennsylvania invents lightning rod.

cast iron rails set.

mechanical clock designed by John Harrison in England, a precursor of modern marine chronometer, is determined to be accurate to less than a tenth of a second a day.

James Watt patents improved steam engine.

industrial boring tool for steam engine cylinders developed.

first hot-air balloon developed in France.

Benjamin Franklin invents bifocal spectacles.

Eli Whitney in United States invents cotton gin.

hydraulic press developed.

metric standards of measurement established in France.



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