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To facilitate a convenient historical perspective, the AAT technology timeline is presented in terms of the New Calendar scale. For additional information about the New Calendar system, which specifies a common positive scale for dates throughout the historic eras, please see ICAS. Conversions between the Gregorian and New Calendar eras are simple: NC 12000 corresponds to AD 2000. BC-era dates in the timeline are generally converted to NC dates by subtracting from 10 001. Timeline conversions for the BC era use a conversion factor difference of 10 001, and reinforce the use of this factor by maintaining it even for dates that are approximate. Readers may however decide to reference certain BC-era dates in the New Calendar timeline to significant values appropriate for a particular scale.

Technological developments occurring before the New Calendar era include the control of fire and use of stone tools by ancestors of humans. The development of a bow and arrow in the Mediterranean regions of Europe and Africa occurred approximately 13 000 years before NC 00000 (or about BC 23000). Livestock agriculture took place in the first millennium of the New Calendar era.

The AAT technology timeline is compiled from a large number of various information sources. The bibliography and timeline documents below provide additional information about the AAT technology timeline. To construct your own timeline to metric specifications, browse the aatideas metric timeline charts.

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Efforts have been made to include a wide overview of developments and uses of many various technologies. Yet for purposes of presenting the timeline in brief, readers are encouraged to check additional sources for more information about various technologies. Listings may not indicate other previous or contemporary developments upon which a technology is developed, or is developed independently of. Some of the dates listed are approximate even if a specific date of development is known.

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