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AAT ICAS vision for measuring speed

measuring speed in terms of a meter solana scale

a basic measure can be used to explain many scenarios of measure in terms of whole or simple numbers . toward this basic units of distance and time are useful for measuring rates of speed . the measure of 'meter per second' ( m/s ) is readily compared in terms of basic concepts of 'meter' and 'second' . the measure of 'meter solana' ( m⋅so ) facilitates ready comparison of speeds with reference to decimalized representations of a coordinated day of 86400 second .

symbol note: 1 tikochron (tiXn) is equal to 0.864 second (s). 1 meter solana (m·so) is an alternative representation of equal quantity of 1 meter per tik (m/tiXn) [ Inter-Dial Clock, Integrated Chronological Applications System, Alliance for the Advancement of Technology, aatideas.org ]

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table d8K29 ✧ range of velocities expressed in terms of meter solana (AAT ICAS IDC)

rate IDC description rate other
rate IDC description rate other
7.2 μm·soBamboo (fastest growing plant)0.00003 km/h
6.00 mm·soSnail0.025 km/h
4.82 m·somarathon record (Ronaldo da Costa)20.08 km/h
8.24 m·sowomen's 100 m record (Florence Grifith-Joyner)34.32 km/h
13.2 m·soOrca (water animal)55 km/h
24.0 m·soCheetah (land animal)100 km/h
28 m·socategory 1 hurricane wind comparison33–42 m/s ( 119–153 km/h )
37 m·socategory 2 hurricane wind comparison43–49 m/s ( 154–177 km/h )
43 m·socategory 3 hurricane wind comparison0–58 m/s ( 178–208 km/h )
50 m·socategory 4 hurricane wind comparison58–70 m/s ( 209–251 km/h )
59.5 m·sodownhill ski record (Harry Egger)248 km/h
61 m·socategory 5 hurricane wind comparison≥ 70 m/s ( ≥ 252 km/h )
64.6 m·sobicycle record (Fred Rompelberg)269 km/h
72.0 m·soTGV Atlantique/Eurostar (train)300 km/h
84.0 m·soPeregrine Falcon (bird)350 km/h
124.8 m·somotorcycle record (Elmer Trett)520 km/h
132.5 m·soMaglev train552 km/h
286.4 m·soMach 1 (speed of sound through air at 0°C)1193 km/h
295.0 m·soThrust SSC (car)1228 km/h
560.0 m·soConcorde2333 km/h
847.2 m·soLockheed SR-71A Blackbird3530 km/h
1 745.8 m·soX-15A-2 (research aircraft)7274 km/h
more than 2700 m·soexperimental X-43A (NASA Hyper-X) reaches Mach 9.6more than 11 250 km/h
9575.3 m·soApollo 1039 897 km/h
60 672.2 m·soHelios A and B rockets252 800 km/h
259 020 683.71 m·so (or whole number 25 902 068 371 m/mXn)speed of light 1 079 280 000 km/h (299 792 458 m/s)


additional information

AAT ICAS vision for measuring speed in terms of a meter solana scale (PDF)
AAT ICAS vision for measuring speed in terms of a meter solana scale (PDF)

from AAT ICAS table 2092.1 (determining IDC conversion factors), the scale factors for meter solana (m·so) are:

1 meter solana (m·so) is 4.166654531 kilometers per hour (km/h)

1 meter solana (m·so) is 2.588998051 miles per hour (mph)


1 kilometer per hour (km/h) is 0.240000699 meter solana (m·so)

1 mile per hour (mph) is 0.386249808 meter solana (m·so)


references to hurricane category comparison are rounded to nearest whole number for ranges of wind speed from the figures for kilometer per hour in the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale (SSHWS).

km/h factor m/s m·so comparison


sources referenced

AAT ICAS 2090 ✧ measuring rates with IDC

AAT ICAS 2092 ✧ comparison of meter solana scale

The Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale (SSHWS)


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