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block week coincidence

block week coincidence

during days 091–118 this month (d8 D01–28),

blockday White coincides with weekday Sunday.

and so forth:

and further, during the 4th uniform month D this year, the days of month coincide with the day-of-month numbers of the Gregorian calendar.

it's a great occasion for users to become familiar with blockdays and the Uniform Calendar.


forthcoming coincidences of blockday White coinciding with weekday Sunday:

#UniformCalendar #ICAS #AATICAS #calendar

for more information

block daygroup (table of uniform daygroups, aatideas.org web calendars)

Delphastus decade 12010–12019 (d0–d9) (AAT ICAS 3110 ✧ decadeInsect term set)

Uniform Calendar (AAT ICAS 2010 ✧ overview of key standards)

12018 dstampUC

12019 dstampUC

12020 dstampUC

12021 dstampUC

12022 dstampUC


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